Heirs Technologies Appoints Obong Idiong as CEO, Spearheading Digital Transformation in Africa

Lagos, Nigeria, March 14, 2024 – Heirs Technologies, a leading digital transformation company, is proud to announce the appointment of Obong Idiong as its Chief Executive Officer. With a wealth of experience in the technology sector and a visionary approach, Idiong is set to lead the company to new heights.

Prior to joining Heirs Technologies, Idiong served as the MD/CEO at Africa Prudential Plc, where he successfully led the digital transformation of its registrar services, positioning the company as an agile and technology-driven organization. With previous senior management roles at United Bank for Africa Plc and Heirs Holdings Limited, Idiong brings a deep understanding of the industry and a proven track record of success.

Heirs Technologies, a subsidiary of Heirs Holdings, focuses on delivering efficiency and scalability to enterprise customers. Their specialized and localized services include IT Consulting, Managed Services, and Business Process Outsourcing. The company also provides locally relevant enterprise solutions that empower companies to scale and transform their services. Moreover, Heirs Technologies is committed to nurturing local talent through tailored skills development programs.

Commenting on his appointment, Obong Idiong stated, “We are proud to bring Heirs Holdings’ core values and business approach to the tech sector, leading with excellence, execution, and enterprise. We are committed to bridging an enormous gap in the technology ecosystem by delivering local relevance to a global market and offering cutting-edge solutions to enable our customers to become more competitive.”

In addition to the appointment of Obong Idiong, Heirs Technologies has also named Dr. Fumbi Chima as the Chair of the company. Dr. Chima has an impressive background in technology leadership roles across global organizations, including Adidas, Fox Network Group, Burberry Corporation, Walmart Stores Inc. Asia business operations, and American Express’ Global Corporate Technologies.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Dr. Chima said, “I am pleased to be a part of this movement to unlock Africa’s potential. Having worked in technology leadership roles across global organizations, I am confident that Heirs Technologies will create an impact that will improve lives and transform the continent.”

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Heirs Technologies, as Africa’s digital transformation partner, aims to drive innovation across the continent. Building on Heirs Holdings’ successful track record of digital transformation in financial services, Heirs Technologies specializes in delivering world-class technology solutions to corporate customers, including Managed Services, System Integration, and bespoke IT Consulting.

By empowering businesses to thrive through innovative solutions, world-class expertise, and access to global providers, Heirs Technologies enhances local capacity and value, contributing to the economic transformation of Africa. As a subsidiary of Heirs Holdings, the leading pan-African investment company, Heirs Technologies benefits from strategic investments in key sectors of the African economy, including resources, power, financial services, real estate and hospitality, and healthcare. With portfolio operations across twenty-four countries worldwide, Heirs Holdings exemplifies founder Tony Elumelu’s philosophy of Africapitalism, which advocates for the economic prosperity and social wealth of Africa through strategic investments.

The appointment of Obong Idiong as CEO and the addition of Dr. Fumbi Chima as Chair of Heirs Technologies signal a new era of growth and innovation for the company. With their expertise and leadership, Heirs Technologies is poised to make a significant impact in Africa’s digital landscape, driving sustainable development and transforming the continent into a global technology hub.

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